I have started a community where I take you behind the scenes and teach you how to discover unique experiences and conquer fear

Each week there will be a behind-the-scenes video which will teach you how to seek the rare experiences that I've had and how to overcome the fears that may be stopping you from experiencing life as you want to.

In this community, my role is to help you - so I will be listening to your needs and interests. But it is also a place where we can be real with each other, share stories, and help each other experience life boldly, no matter what circumstances we are in.

Each week as a Patron, you will get exclusive video with a raw, behind-the-scenes look at my life and applicable secrets that will help you reach your goals. In addition to the weekly videos, there will be monthly Q+A videos and quarterly live stream hangouts to bring this community closer.

  • You will learn how to discover unique experiences by getting stories that I can't post on YouTube. I will be sharing with you the untold secrets of my adventures and how you can experience them for yourself. You will also get a get to witness situations that I sometimes come across that are too raw and real for YouTube. It could be a unique cultural practice, an undiscovered location, or a unique type of food.

  • You will learn how to conquer fear so that you can seek life's experiences by getting to know how I tackle things that make me very uncomfortable. You don't have to be traveling to exotic places to feel held back by fear. We face fear in our everyday lives, but we can use it to motivate us to reach new heights if we know how to handle it. Let's help each other conquer fear.

So if you're ready to discover unique experiences and conquer fear, join me! I'll be right here for you.