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I love to discover bizarre and beautiful experiences hidden in remote corners of the world. In case you weren’t already familiar with what we do here, here are some examples of the kinds of adventures you can expect.

In this Philippines travel vlog, I head to Kalinga in northern Luzon to find the tattoo artist legend Apo Whang Od. The last mambatok, a style of traditional tattoo found only in the Philippines. The people of Kalinga were head hunters. Buscalan, the home of Wang Od was particularly famous for their strange tradition of tattooing.

Mosquito Bay or Bio Bay in Vieques, Puerto Rico is an amazing place. It is the brightest glowing bioluminescent bay in the world. I jumped on a few kayak tours during the night of a new moon and saw this incredible light show. Honestly, it was more amazing that I imagined.
The exploding hammer festival, or "fiesta del martillo explosivo" in spanish, is an annual festival in San Juan de la Vega, Guanajuato, Mexico. Every February 28th, thousands of people visit this small little down to see locals tape home made explosives to sledgehammers, and slam then into the ground.
This experience is one of my favourites since I started travelling 8 years ago. A Kambo Cleanse is putting the poison off the back of a bright green frog into small points burned into your skin. Warriors of Amazonian tribes would use Kambo for its many benefits.

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